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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



The Song of Forest

Designed by

Shang Ming Jerry Tseng






Team Members:

The Song of Forest

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Shang Ming Jerry Tseng

Photo Credits:

smt design


smt design

The house of this architectural design project is located in the rezoning area of the Aviation City in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The design team resourcefully adds natural elements such as stone, wood, and green plants to the exterior of the building, thereby blending with the adjacent forest park and composing a beautiful melody of this majestic forest.

Looking at the front of the building, the dark green marble is used as the lower half of the structure, and the white tone is used as the upper half of the wall color arrangement. The appearance of each house is described by wooden grilles and black lines, as if the melody travels and jumps in the building, creating a unique visual effect in the consistent planning. An entire row of stores is set up on the first floor outside, making the life of the residents convenient and colorful.

Stepping into the central gate and extending into the area, one will be greeted by the bushes on both sides, and you will smell a full amount of fresh greenery. The first floor of the internal residence is equipped with a parking area for vehicles, making proper use of every inch of space. Walking on the gray stone brick walkway, the juxtaposed dark green stone columns make you feel like you are in a green forest, filled with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The green plants planted outside the upper floors, with white walls and brown wooden grilles, add a fresh and pleasant natural vibe to the building.

The architectural appearance of this project is compatible with the surrounding environment through color arrangement and the placement of distinct objects. The texture of the building materials has particular layers to the entire design. Unlike the simple pattern of the traditional open house, the quietly changing grille design is used to create a one-of-a-kind residential-style through modern aesthetics.

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