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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



The Mark of Time

Designed by

Hsieh Wen Tong






Team Members:

The Mark of Time

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

Hsieh Wen Tong

Liu Kang Cheng, Huang Yung Chi, Chen Cheng Tsung, Pai Jui Liang

Photo Credits:

Truedreams Construction CO., LTD, 2022


T.E&C Architects & Associates, 2022

This architectural design project is for a fully automated, cloud-technology-based, intelligent printing plant. Therefore, the client expected a modern and speedy exterior that reverberated the intergenerational equipment inside and a simplified volume that maximized factory space. Given the printing machine's fast and regular color register, which utilizes a variety of primary colors with a density of dots, the design team deliberately translated this concept into the building's façade. For the façade, the design team uses vertical lines to emphasize the precision of the printing lines and a gradual arrangement to emphasize the diversity of density. The front of the building is made of glass curtains and metal grilles to create a modern look. Through the careful planning of the design team, not only the mechanical parametric design is used to calculate the angle and size ratio of each grille effectively, but also the building-related fire regulations are taken into consideration to create a mobile and rotating grille design. The horizontal and vertical divisions are cleverly used to present the visible and invisible frame effects, making the metal grilles seem to float on the glass curtain, offering a unique visual experience. The design team has made unique use of the grille configuration, from the right side to the left side of the front of the building, to create the image of gradual layers. The rightmost side of the building is fully permeable, a metaphor for the main entrance location. The application of glass tiles gives the same glass material a different visual variation, showing a consistent and versatile effect. For this project, the design team uses curtain walls, metal grilles, and glass blocks to construct each other. Through a simple choice of materials and proper planning by the design team, a modern and simple architectural style with a strong sense of design is created.

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