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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

The Interweaving Beauty

Designed by

Hsu Chin An, Shih Hao Lien, Chuang Su Hwa






Team Members:

The Interweaving Beauty

Commercial & Office Architecture

Tainan, Taiwan

Hsu Chin An, Shih Hao Lien, Chuang Su Hwa

Photo Credits:

Yongqing Interior Design Co., Ltd. , 2023


Yongqing Interior Design Co., Ltd. , 2023

Design is the continuous exploration of perfectly integrating function, material, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and concept to construct the ideal space in the owner's mind. This is an interior design project for the office of an OEM flooring manufacturer. After in-depth communication with the client, the design team decided to apply the owner's products to the interior design. Through the ingenuity of the design team, the flooring is no longer limited to its specific use. Still, it is also applied to walls, cabinet surfaces, tables, and other parts, showing multiple possibilities. By presenting the multifaceted space, the project symbolizes that the corporate team is not bound by traditional forms and has the spirit of flexibility and innovation. Inside, the designers cleverly use the versatility of the panels to create a unique visual aesthetic by using different colors, textures, and patterns to interweave. The design team has thoughtfully used cigarette-burn-resistant panels as table tops to enhance the longevity of the furniture. Through the ingenuity of the design team, color block cutting and gradation are used to define the area and lead the movement line. In addition to using multi-colored and textured panels, the overall space combines curved and hexagonal flooring patterns to create a rich sense of layering. Among them, the sink in the bar area is made of unique and durable panels instead of tiles, which is not only highly textured but also very durable. In addition, the design team created a movable mosaic screen wall. By doing so, the company's products are perfectly integrated into the space, which is a delicate craftsmanship aesthetic. This project is an office space with a product display function. The design team has cleverly configured the client’s products in the overall space so that visitors can see the multiple uses of the products, which not only indirectly expands the scope of the business but also gives rise to more creative ideas.

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