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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

Echoes in eternity

Designed by

Makoto Spatial Design Studio






Team Members:

Echoes in eternity

Residential Architecture

Tainan City, Taiwan

Makoto Spatial Design Studio


Photo Credits:

Hsiang-Tse Tseng


Makoto Spatial Design Studio

The project is a renovation of a pre-owned apartment. The style originated from the large size of the house, which looks empty, and the client couple gave the impression of being intellectual and calm. However, the project is designed to match the personalities of the clients while not making the space too cold. Therefore, the large space is firstly decorated with white, and then with warm materials such as wood grain to present a sensual but not cold atmosphere.
The special feature of the master bedroom is that the bedside table is not against the wall. Since the couple wants to watch TV in the room, but considering the distance is a bit far away, the bedside table is designed in a hotel style. The bedside table without a wall helps to reduce the distance between the bed and the TV, and the space will not look too empty.
As for the kitchen, its corner is not square. To balance the visual, the design team deliberately design the kitchen counter from deep to shallow. In this way, when people step into the kitchen, their eyes will not focus on the slanted areas. In addition, most of the space is white, so the kitchenware is decorated with gray-blue accents.

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