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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

Tranquility Grey

Designed by

Loe Interior Design






Team Members:

Tranquility Grey

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Loe Interior Design

Jing-Yuan Lu

Photo Credits:

Loe Interior Design


Loe Interior Design

The project is a reception center located in the downtown area. The site is surrounded by clamorous, so the designer took metallic shiny materials and large areas of grey to form a cave-like look. The ambiance of the interior and exterior is different due to the materials and aesthetics. The name of the project is "Tranquility Grey", about quiet and serenity.
The designer arranged many ingenious ideas and highlights in the small space. The core of the project is "recreating the cave in its original state". The designer used smooth curves, consistent materials, and precisely proportioned indirect lighting to shape the interior. The curves provide a good sense of rhythm, and the open plan allows the space to be viewed at a glance as if it were a large, naturally occurring cave. Finally, the lighting adds a sense of tranquility.

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