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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

Gorgeous Tranquility

Designed by

Guten Interior Design






Team Members:

Gorgeous Tranquility

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Guten Interior Design

Yi-Ting Liao

Photo Credits:

Guten Interior Design


Guten Interior Design

The name of the project is "Gorgeous Tranquility", which comes from the warm and gentle atmosphere of the space with its hidden splendor. The designer combines wood veneer and marble with a unique texture to shape a sophisticated and exquisite residence.
In terms of layout, the designer plans a double-entry study room according to the client's living habits. One of the entrances is a sliding door. When it opens, it can increase the openness of the public area echoing the theme of luxury and large, and when it closes, it keeps privacy. The human-oriented functional design makes the client's life more comfortable.
Furthermore, the client values audio and lighting, so audio is installed in every area. At the same time, the lighting angle is considered, and the light source can be adjusted according to the need. Life is not only beautiful visually but also shows the quality of life.

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