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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

Unadorned and fashionable fusion

Designed by

Da-lotus Interior Decoration Design Limited Company






Team Members:

Unadorned and fashionable fusion

Hotels & Resorts Architecture

Kinmen, Taiwan

Da-lotus Interior Decoration Design Limited Company


Photo Credits:

Da-lotus Interior Decoration Design Limited Company


Da-lotus Interior Decoration Design Limited Company

The project is a renovation of a 20 to 30-year-old business hotel. The client hopes that this renovation will give the hotel a brand new look while reversing the stereotypical image of business hotels and present an impressive stay in Kinmen with a different design for different clientele.
The interior of the room and the corridor are in different colors as the boundary of each area. In terms of shape, different from the standard impression of a business hotel, a rounded shape creates a sense of liveliness in the corridor or the room. Moreover, the matching between the circular shape of the hallway and the LED lighting has a visual guide effect, amplifying and extending the experience of the corridor.
As for the flooring, the client insisted on traditional carpeting in the corridors because it provides the best comfort and is easy to replace. For the rooms, the designer plans to lay a new woven carpet. The balance between the two was a challenge to the designer's skills. The focus is on the thick foam backing at the bottom of the surface, which is precisely calculated and engineered to provide a safer and more comfortable experience without creating a sense of disparity when people move between different areas.

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