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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Artistic Empire

Designed by

ZIH HENG CHEN / Wotang interior space creative design






Team Members:

Artistic Empire

Residential Architecture

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

ZIH HENG CHEN / Wotang interior space creative design

Photo Credits:

Yi Lin, 2023


Wotang interior space creative design,2023

Located in the prime location of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, one can enjoy the vast greenery of the museum park from the comfort of home. The design concept focuses on integrating top-notch views and natural lighting, complementing the architecture and environment. The open-plan layout showcases a grand atmosphere, with ART DECO installation art style presenting a stylish, grandeur and luxurious appearance in contemporary elegant way.
The main visual features include artistic stone, marble, and metal strips that highlight linear, wave-like, and flowing designs, extending from the public space to the bedroom.
Upon entering the foyer, the large-scale open public area of dining room, open kitchen, and living room are seamlessly connected, allowing the skyline, greenery, and cityscape outside to enter through a row of floor-to-ceiling windows. Double-layer curtains serve as intermediaries between indoors and outdoors, allowing natural light and privacy to be adjusted at will, creating a space that is closer to humanity. The public area is decorated with white ceilings, floor tiles, and intricate layers of stone, wood grain, and titanium-coated metal, complemented by carefully selected furniture and lighting, endowing the space with a delicate sense of fashion. The delicate ratio of living lines and functionality, three bedrooms and a separate maid's room, create a desirable living space.
With infinite building spans, both indoors and on the balcony, one can immerse oneself in the vast greenery and embrace the beautiful scenery at will. This luxurious and elegant space is designed to be dignified and well-prepared, making the view of life full of vitality and inspiration. The charm and fashion of the space become the owner's collection in an elegant manner.

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