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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Suite Medley 

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Team Members:

The Suite Medley 

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu City, Taiwan


Yu-Ling, Hsu

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Rollin Works 


Fuyu Interior Design

This is a renovation project located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, where the site used to consist of several rental suites within an apartment. With the growing number of family members, the client is renovating this space to create a cozy and aesthetically pleasing residence for a family of four. Adapting to the residents' characteristics, their modern lifestyle, and the aged undertones of the building, the materials not only feature low saturated colors but also incorporate wood, brick, and steel elements, creating a cohesive loft-style ambiance bathed in a natural daylight.
Due to the constraints of the old building structure, single-sided windows result in less favorable natural lighting conditions. To enhance the living ambiance and improve lighting conditions, the master plan prioritizes flexible movement, material transparency, and overall spatial permeability. By demolishing most of the interior walls, the renovation started from scratch with an open plan spanning 115 square meters. The layout is divided into bedrooms and shared living areas. To maintain an open flow and spacious feel in the living areas, a low parapet separates the dining area from the living room; on the other side, a set of black window grids defines the home office space. Expanded metal frames in the foyer and hanging open shelves visible from the kitchen island create a sense of lightweight continuity throughout the spaces.

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