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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Ode to Light

Designed by

Chen Hung Ting / Zhu Shi design studio






Team Members:

Ode to Light

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chen Hung Ting / Zhu Shi design studio

Photo Credits:

Zhu Shi design studio


Zhu Shi design studio

The charming green mountain house emanates a warm glow throughout the interior, courtesy of the abundance of natural sunlight that filters in, infusing the space with an uplifting and optimistic atmosphere.

As proprietors of a home, the young couple necessitates a work area that accommodates both of them in a harmonious fashion, without any hindrance. The primary objective of the undertaking is to guarantee that their work space is arranged in a way that fulfills their individual needs and preferences.

As you step into the entrance area, you will immediately notice a highly versatile storage cabinet that offers more than just general storage. This cabinet is designed to transform into a fully functional desk, providing a perfect example of the integration of function and space. The wood panel door makes it effortless to open and close, conveniently concealing the desk within the cabinet. This innovative and well-thought-out design creates a spacious and transparent appearance, adding to the overall aesthetic of the space. In the morning, you can enjoy a homemade cappuccino before starting your work day, simply by opening the cabinet door. When your work is done, you can easily tidy up your workspace and gently close the cabinet door, leaving the hustle and bustle of work behind and returning to a warm and cozy home to relax and unwind.

The study area was initially too vast, hindering easy movement within the public space. However, the designer tackled this issue by eliminating the study wall and enlarging the dining area. This not only facilitated easy movement around the living area but also created a more spacious and open feel. Additionally, we revamped the study area, enhancing its functionality. We installed a glass sliding door that can be completely opened or closed, offering privacy when necessary. But when open, it seamlessly links the study area to the dining room, allowing for warm daylight to cascade in, creating a tranquil atmosphere in the house.

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