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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Time Capsule

Designed by

Lee Chi Yuan/Senpei Design






Team Members:

Time Capsule

Residential Architecture


Lee Chi Yuan/Senpei Design

Photo Credits:

Lin Fu Ming, 2022


Senpei Design/2022

Incorporating vintage objects, remembrances, and time into design, the interior is replete with narratives drawn from antique furniture and artworks. The owner maintains a collection of solid wood pieces with historical imprints, such as grand wooden coffee tables, modest and nostalgic needlework boxes, Danish and classically styled furniture, as well as arts and paintings, sculptures and works of art created by his daughter, each containing reminders of a different time and place.

Study serves as centerpiece of public space, with semi-open corner ports on both sides. Two materials are adopted to produce an opaque and slightly secluded character of the study: on one side, see-through glass connects the living room with dining and kitchen spaces, enabling sunlight to stream freely and guiding the view inside; on the other side, a wooden sliding door encloses an extensive collection of bookcases between its opening and closing, enabling viewpoints to travel back and forth between the public areas.

The study features faux natural tree branches as partitions on the shelves and a Japanese tatami couch adjacent to the window grates, exuding a sense of originality and simplicity throughout the room, precipitating a peaceful retreat for the mind.

The walls of public spaces are coated with natural white clay, reminiscent of childhood memories of mud houses with hand-painted lines featuring grained texture, while the weathered cypress window sills correspond to the artistic driftwood plantings on walls.

Within carefully designed withered wood shelves, the artistic creations of the daughter are found, mirroring the rigid but soft chased sculptures next to the angled dining room shrine, where the Burmese teak wood platform enshrines a crystal Guanyin Bodhisattva, whose soft illumination scheme evokes a halo of light that seems to levitate, depicting the Bodhisattva's divine charm in a gentle and delicate fashion.

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