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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Rainbow Capital - Room type 96m²

Designed by

Classic Art Center(CAC Design)






Team Members:

The Rainbow Capital - Room type 96m²

Residential Architecture

Hangzhou, China

Classic Art Center(CAC Design)

Iruka Wu, Yifan Li, Viven Fei, Lori Bao, Yiwen Chen, Jie Lin, Lu Zhang

Photo Credits:

404NF STUDIO, 2023


Classic Art Center(CAC Design),2023

This apartment design is inspired by the concept of the "25th hour", aiming to create a spiritual haven for the younger generation born in the 1990s. Society often tries to define and speculate about the living conditions of these young individuals. However, they are naturally rebellious and independent, rejecting conventional lifestyles, placing less emphasis on material possessions, and seeking ultimate happiness.

Based on the purple color palette, colors and lights are used to enhance the ambiance of the space. Artistic elements are incorporated to add depth and richness to the entire setting. For instance, the living room features wide sofas with low backrests, creating a cozy and enveloping atmosphere. Additionally, the acrylic floor lamp and the charcoal black turtle bookshelf contribute to a fashionable and distinctive overall look.

Young urban dwellers long for a place where they can truly feel a sense of belonging and create a captivating atmosphere in the en-suit. Here, the combination of purple tones and metallic accents generates a vibrant and energetic aura that permeates from inside.

Music and vinyl elements are all over the second bedroom. Alongside the essential furniture, there are also retro band memorabilia and accessories. It provides a space where one can fully immerse themselves in the joy of music, allowing their passion to flourish freely.

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