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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Summer Time Lakeside

Designed by

Y·UN Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

Summer Time Lakeside

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Y·UN Design Co., Ltd.

Jun-Hong Liang

Photo Credits:

Y·UN Design Co., Ltd.


Y·UN Design Co., Ltd.

The project, Summer Time Lakeside, mixes American countryside and modern style, with blank space and classic lake green to embellish the interior. People can be instantly immersed in the unique beauty of the space upon entering. The open planning of the living room and dining room area provides good lighting and indirectly enlarges the visual effect of the space. The foyer is placed with a shoe chair and decorated with classic American elements - trims, culture stone tile, and blinds, bringing a sense of rhythm with lines. Then, the trim cabinet door in the social area makes the style more unified and adds a sense of refinement and luxury to the refreshing tone.
The master bedroom continues the same style but with a dark-colored closet as a neutralizer. The designer planned a one-piece couch by the window, which is lightweight and does not take up much space, but also shows the client's taste. The client can read books or watch dramas while enjoying the view of the high-rise building from the healing corner, releasing stress for both body and mind. The project enhances the quality of life and makes it an ideal residence to fulfill the happiness and aspirations of the residents.

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