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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Pure Realm

Designed by

Shuen Kai, Hu / Ideal Extent Design






Team Members:

Pure Realm

Residential Architecture

Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Shuen Kai, Hu / Ideal Extent Design

Photo Credits:

Ideal Extent Design


Ideal Extent Design

In the neat contemporary residence, the natural textures of stone and coating bring sensual emotion within a rational framework. Curved furniture pieces connect different dimensions between order and disorder to add dynamic aesthetics with rich layers to the static scene.
The gentle white light and shadow follow the open layout to deconstruct the traffic flow gradually. The reflective mirror and metal increase the amount of natural light cast around a room to set the warm everyday scene.
The main TV wall is layered in gradient black, gray and white colors. To break the rigid monotonous look of the space, the original textures of the stone bring a natural charm to the tidy scene. The suspended TV wall with an openwork design divides the heaviness of the large volumes and creates a simple yet powerful visual tension. The wall behind the sofa features grayscale paint and neat grooves, echoing the tone of the TV wall and achieving integration and balance visually.
The evenly applied gray paint extends into the dining room. The pure gray and white refine the clarity of the space and stabilizes the dining atmosphere through environmental perception. The kitchen sideboard provides ample storage space and serves as a partition. With a pass-through design, its lower level connects the piano room, while maintaining the privacy of the space.
In the study room, a couch is placed at the window that serves as a sitting area or a temporary guest room. The bedside platform extends horizontally to the desk, and its rounded edges can prevent safety hazards. The interweaving of wood and stone spans as far as the eye can see to create a tranquil and comfortable vibe.
The simple tone and uncomplicated decoration stand as the perfect embodiment of the bedroom for the homeowner. The pure color tone along with the warm wood provides the homeowner with a comfortable sleeping environment in the lingering light and shadow.

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