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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Fubon Health Clinic & Medical Aesthetic Center

Designed by

Da Yen | Y&F Interior Design Corp.






Team Members:

Fubon Health Clinic & Medical Aesthetic Center

Healthcare Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Da Yen | Y&F Interior Design Corp.

Chih Hung Chiu, Faye Lee

Photo Credits:



Da Yen | Y&F Interior Design Corp.

This project involves a health check center and a medical aesthetic clinic. The property owner wants to eliminate the anxiety often associated with conventional health check-ups, so that customers can appreciate their bodies in a positive way, and to promote a new concept of health and quality of life.

The main design objective of the health clinic space calls for a reproduction of the rich scenery of nature as a metaphor for seeking balance in life to achieve health and well-being as the "static" orientation of the body. The medical aesthetic clinic space evokes a "stunning butterfly breaking out from a cocoon", as a metaphor for the metamorphosis of the body's form. The design adeptly employs the concept of a fine arts museum to enhance the aesthetics of the body's form as the "dynamic" aspect of the body. The two together juxtapose to create a extension of life in both motion and static form.

The display wall of the Health Check Center uses multiple layers of image output to create a three-dimensional penetrative effect that reminds one of traversing a forest, and the entrance uses water ripples and foliage to create a tranquil and comfortable natural ambiance. The seats in the waiting area are self-designed and can be used freely from all directions. The medical aesthetics clinic adopts gallery space and artistic lighting, with artistic ornaments to enhance the wonderful process of transformation. The chairs in the resting area can be freely adjusted in all directions, so that people waiting for recovery after surgery are reassured of their privacy.

In the home decor of the medical aesthetics space, metal and leather pieces are used extensively to create a sense of trendy chic, and the ceiling is molded in plaster to present a luxurious flair with moderate decorative detailing. For the health check center, various combinations of stone are used to reproduce the texture of nature, and the carpets are made of vertical geometry to invoke the texture of bamboo.

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