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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Joy of Serenity

Designed by

Shen Yu Shan






Team Members:

The Joy of Serenity

Residential Architecture


Shen Yu Shan

Photo Credits:

Shen Yu Shan, 2022


Shen Yu Shan, 2022

Through the designer’s careful planning, the design aesthetics are integrated into the lifestyle, creating a natural, tasteful, and stylish spatial presentation. This is an interior design project for a residence. The designer uses warm wood veneer and wood grain paint to create a fresh and elegant spatial ambiance. And the addition of different material textures provides the space with multiple layers of change, showing a unique and delicate visual experience. In addition, the clever use of curved lines encloses the space, outlining a very smooth and gorgeous spatial expression. Upon entering the foyer, one will realize that the designer brilliantly used iron and vertical lines to produce a modern, floaty shoe chair. On the other hand, the curved iron grille defines the space, washing away the coldness inherited by the original layout. Following the flowing lines towards the public space, one will notice that the wood grain paint is applied to the walls, combined with the natural light and shadow from the windows, making the residents feel like they are in a forest and enjoy a sense of tranquility and peace. In the private living space area, warm gray and white tones are used as the primary spatial focus of the space and supplemented with iron and wood veneer materials, which adds a touch of unique elegance while deploying a gentle and elegant tone. The designer uses various lighting techniques to give the space a rich and varied visual appearance. The designer has created unlimited spatial design to build the dream home in the limited space. The designer breaks the boundaries and exquisitely uses hidden cabinets and concealed doors to extend the scale of space while keeping sufficient storage function, achieving both aesthetic and practical performance. Moreover, the wood grain texture renders the whole space, presenting a natural and delicate texture, creating a comfortable residential atmosphere, and allowing the residents to enjoy a good rest.

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