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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Transformation and Rebirth

Designed by

Chang Chia Chi, Chou Yi Ling






Team Members:

Transformation and Rebirth

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chang Chia Chi, Chou Yi Ling

Photo Credits:

MtCervinStudio, 2023


MtCervinStudio, 2023

This is an interior design project for a pre-owned house. Through the designer’s careful planning and exquisite execution, the residence has transformed into a comfortable living space with delicate and elegant spatial texture. Most importantly, the designer has successfully addressed some of the most common and challenging problems of a preowned house, which include water leakage, poor layout, and plumbing problems. Other than that, since the homeowner is an artist and a content creator who is fond of collecting action figures, the designer has thoughtfully planned multiple storage and display areas in the working room and the recording studio so the homeowner could happily demonstrate all the beautiful collections. At the entryway, a wooden grille is planned as a door to hide the storage room, storage cabinet, and shoe cabinet so that the entire space is neat and clean. Besides, the designer has delicately set up shelves on different vertical levels at the display area of action figures to offer a bit of fun and flexibility. In addition, the shelves are equipped with linear lighting strips and planned with beveled edges to produce a sense of three-dimensionality. On the other hand, the shared living space could function as a meeting space for the owner and his team or as a multifunctional dining area. To distinguish the shared and private living area, the designer has resourcefully installed sliding glass doors with aluminum frames to define the space. At the same time, the glass doors can also function as a brainstorming board for writing, drawing, and marking creative ideas. To create a sense of spaciousness in the living room, the designer has cleverly extended the visual presentation with the curved design of the TV wall on both sides. With the designer’s excellent planning and spot-on execution, the large pillars in the center of the house are incorporated into the TV wall.

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