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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Qingyuan Vanke City

Designed by







Team Members:

Qingyuan Vanke City

Residential Architecture

Qingyuan, China


Photo Credits:

QHD, 2022


QHD, 2022

An elegant and artistic modern aesthetic space. From the moment the door is opened, the music sounds, instantly lighting up the multi-complex world of naturalism and aestheticism. From this moment on, enjoy the pleasure of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

People and space resonate at this moment. The comfortable scale, the flowing changes of light and shadow, and the elegant and calm style awaken people's perception of space. One object and one environment find a different kind of life interest in the changing light and shadow.

The midnight tango danced with the music, and the mood bar, which integrates Chinese and Western food and kitchen, endowed the fireworks with another kind of romance. The combination of marble and leather, under the smudge of nature and light, renders emotions and senses in the color, texture and shape of objects. When the dusk comes out, the ground is hazy and lazy. Drink under the moon.

In the noisy city, I enjoy my own world. In this exclusive small world, I pile up mountains, lakes, and past worlds to form a landscape, make a pot of hot tea, listen to the wind and sing poetry collections on moonlit nights, and write down my ambitions. This is my private museum.

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