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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Track of Time

Designed by

Tsai Pei Han






Team Members:

The Track of Time

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Tsai Pei Han

Photo Credits:

Tsai Pei Han, 2023


Tsai Pei Han, 2023

No matter how much time passes, the memory of home will never die. The residence was originally a home for a family of four, but as the years passed, the parents passed away, and the sister got married, and now the owner is the only one left to live in the house. Since this house is the place where the owner grew up and had many beautiful and precious memories of growing up, the owner hopes to create a new look and a comfortable activity area for himself and his friends and relatives to spend a happy and warm time here to pass on this beauty. Since the space in this project is relatively limited, the designer uses ingenuity to break the spatial pattern, using the same materials and elements to create a sense of visual continuity and extension and to open up the vision. Upon entering the house, the visual focus falls on two circular arches. One side is arc-shaped by pursed stones, representing the past, while the other is an arc outlined by linear lights, symbolizing the future. There are large bookcases and spacious sofas for those who love to read to enjoy their reading time. The balcony is divided by wooden flooring and is planned as a small bar area for friends and relatives to meet and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Moving slowly to the private area, one will realize that the space is 3.8m high for one person. Therefore, the designer cleverly uses a glass partition design so that the owner can observe the whole house, even the bedroom, giving a full sense of security. The bedroom is decorated with more wooden tones to create a relaxing atmosphere and give the owner a quiet and stable sleep. To create a simple and modern residence, black, white, and gray are used as the primary spatial focus, supplemented by some wood tones. The design of two arcs with different materials is cleverly used to reflect the past and future of the owner, and all the memories are hidden in the space, telling the story of the owner's life.

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