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macaron wonderland

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Chains Interior






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macaron wonderland

Residential Architecture


Chains Interior

Mao Flora

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Chains Interior


Chains Interior

The process of building a home is like the story that began with the rabbit leading Alice into Wonderland. It is a journey of self-exploration, to fall into one’s own subconscious in ever-shifting cosmoses, and being there is to realize one’s deepest desires in life…

If Alice’s dream has color, it would be as vibrant, soft, and sweet as macarons. Starting from a plump rabbit’s accidental intrusion in the jungle of darkness and gold rims, consciousness also follows the woven fibers of the carpet at the entrance and dives into a world beyond.

Pushing the door open, the ceiling that reveals before you reflects the colorful floor. Which is mirage? Which is real? Little suns form a ring to bring unrestrained heat to nourish the equatorial plants on the columns; the woven flowers on the rattan chairs infuse the space with fragrances from the outdoors; the green lips and compact bubble couches create contrasts, conflicts, and reversals. The colorful frames, big and small, reflect the real world from different angles. Each revealing a different element, the mirrors come together to form a beautiful whole. These are the slits for thoughts to fall into dreams of different episodes.

The transparent bubbles are suspended lights, and the pink chirping birds and books add a touch of sophistication to the mesmerizing space. The semi-circular macarons string around the edge of the frames like beads, guiding the eye to arcadia of flourishing flowers, willows, greens, and butterflies. The colorful mosaic wall and water droplets conjure a splendid scenery.

Heading towards the exit, a giant owl stands as a reminder of Alice who drank the potion. Its childlike and affable gaze looks back on the fantastic journey. Different atmospheres blend harmoniously, each element emanates unique energy…radiant, is the home of dreams.

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