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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The view

Designed by

Upward Information Design






Team Members:

The view

Residential Architecture

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Upward Information Design

Ya-Ling Huang, Wen-Chi Cheng, Zi-Yu Su

Photo Credits:

Upward Information Design


Upward Information Design

The name of the project, "The View", comes from its duplex layout. In the three-story space, the designer left the best lighting area for the public areas. For example, the garden on the second floor is integrated into the space on the third floor, the senior space on the third floor is integrated into the public area, and the air-conditioner on the second floor is turned into a tatami area for guests to relax. The open layout allows natural light to fall evenly on every part of the space, maximizing the lighting advantage.
The theme of the space is a light tone with modern design aesthetics, supplemented by lines to build a refined residence with humanistic. The pink tile flooring in the public area echoes the warm wooden flooring in the private area, and the two complement each other in the bright space to achieve a tensioned expression of enlarged vision and layout.

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