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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Shi Zu Dao Foot Spa Emerald City Store

Designed by

Bin Liu






Team Members:

Shi Zu Dao Foot Spa Emerald City Store

Commercial & Office Architecture

Hangzhou, China

Bin Liu

Photo Credits:

Xiaodong Weng


Bin Liu

With a traditional Chinese garden layout, the project features winding paths leading to secluded places and changing scenes by step. In the reception area, the large display screen changes the overall atmosphere, and the curved stainless steel copper-plated pipes make the space mellow. The scenes of hills, rivers, sunlight, trees, and flowing water create the space atmosphere, returning to nature and purity. Every subtle detail contains a big world full of elegance.

In this picturesque space, the light passes through the ceiling made of stainless steel grids, where people and scenery coexist in the beauty of mottled shadows. Each material has its unique texture and character. For example, the purple landscape marble is calm and atmospheric, the metal is exquisite and sharp, and the bamboo fiberboard is warm. A large area of black stone and metal is adopted to establish the luxury tone of the space. At the same time, the warm bamboo and friendly lighting system enrich the space layers and break the heaviness of dark color against the background of plants and floral arrangements.

To create an indirect exploration experience as if wandering among a mountain, the design team sets up Taihu Lake stones and moss installation as a design strategy for visiting the garden. When walking under the illumination of light, the light and shadow are mottled and vivid. The light box on the corridor highlights the essence of corporate culture, such as restoring vigor, nourishing energy, and recovering spirit. The maple-like red, moss-like green, and orange-like sunset release the simple nature and realize the hospitality of the space.

The scale-like carved panels present the reeds swaying in wind and waves. The VIP room seems hidden and visible, and the visitor feels that he has entered the painting. The simple composition of points, lines, and planes creates a modern space, forming a sharp contrast between the interior and exterior through tough processing techniques.

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