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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Slow rhythm

Designed by

Ming-Chun, Hsu / Mo Jian Design






Team Members:

Slow rhythm

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Ming-Chun, Hsu / Mo Jian Design

Photo Credits:

Mo Jian Design


Mo Jian Design

In the open public area, a half-height wall clearly delineates the entrance, living room, and kitchen. The smooth circular traffic flow encourages people to move around the home in a ring layout. As a barrier, the low wall provides privacy so that people cannot glance through the space after entering. Low chroma colors dilute the intensity in the space lightly. Pure color palettes, natural stone and wood anchor the design. Glass partition allows natural light to flow in and lets vision through.
As soon as you enter the house, the hand-applied marks on the wall embrace wabi-sabi aesthetics, which celebrate rustic simplicity and quietness. A jumble of textures is stabilized by the neat, streamlined grooves, creating a steady rhythm in the irregular interior and revealing the juxtaposition between order and disorder. The extended wall and the half-height wall create a streamlined traffic flow. Without touching the ceiling, the low wall ensures a constant visual connection. Besides, the bright yellow light softens the rigid hallway and adds a touch of warmth to welcome people home.
The main TV wall stands next to the low marble wall. The lower level with a slight indentation can showcase audio and video equipment. On the other side is the storage area. At a glance, the bursting stone texture and the trowel-applied artistic paint complement the foreground and background, while the natural veins inject a sense of movement and energy into the stillness. The wall behind the sofa features a combination of paint and marble. In the framework of simplicity, the elements are fully reorganized to delicately create simple, yet profound layers. To offset the coldness of the pure base and give visual warmth, light strips guide along the border of the canopy and the floor.

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