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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Ruijin D1 Model House

Designed by

Gao Long






Team Members:

Ruijin D1 Model House

Residential Architecture

Jiangxi /China

Gao Long

Yicai Design Gao Ying Zhou Hongfei

Photo Credits:

Gao Long


yicai photo

Freehand and natural - narrating the oriental charm in a modern form
Poetic emotion, simple temperament, and blend of oriental charm and modern fashion, create and guide aesthetic life from a unique popular public perspective, and enhance the artistic beauty of life

1、 living room
Through the handwriting of art to mobilize the residents for the most rich and three-dimensional perception of the good life. The reed hard-covered background wall is clear and elegant, and the artworks has displayed like the exhibits in the museum. The artistic effects of the furniture and utensils in the material, texture, and color has combined with the artistic conception of light and shadow, and the fluency of spatial narrative has accompanied by the process of detail comparison and aesthetic fusion, poetic, vivid, and natural.
2、Dining room
The marble floor with the back wall mirror makes the whole space wider, The simple and elegant plain dining chairs are paired with white dining chairs to make the restaurant space quiet and warm. The embellishment of metal brass lamps is simple yet modern.
The light color is the primary color, the floor is bright, and the bed background wallpaper is dark, which deepens the tone of the space, and the dark color of the furniture embellishes the space, reflecting the simple temperament.
The walls had mainly made of dark terrazzo, with black wood-grain marble washstands, and light-colored marbles are used on the floor to brighten the space, reflecting the overall delicacy and restraint.
5、 Kids room
The children's room had dominated by pink, and it had decorated with light-colored wood flooring with pink. The whole presents a sense of girlhood and childishness is simple and clear.
6、 kitchen
The wall is made of dark terrazzo, the floor is made of light-colored marble, and the operating table is made of white marble, which contrasts with the wall and better enhances the visual sense.

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