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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Patty House

Designed by

Haven Space Design






Team Members:

Patty House

Residential Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

Haven Space Design

Photo Credits:

Hua happeni Studio


Haven Space Design, 2023

Embracing the second half of life, the owners couple embarked on a new chapter in a beloved American-style home, envisioning a brighter future.

At the entryway, black and white checkered tiles elegantly welcome the owner back.

Inside, the main space boasts a gracefully adorned ceiling with crown molding. White shutters enhance the standard windows, creating a classic American atmosphere. Sunlight filters through the shutters, casting ever-changing patterns over time and infusing a soft, serene ambiance into the room.

The TV wall is adorned with slim, translucent ceramic tiles that mimic the flow of water against solid stone. These contrasting elements coexist in a delicate yet robust harmony.

Behind the sofa, the dining area incorporates an island into the table design. The side wall, mirroring the island's water-like texture, is painted in a refreshing aqua blue, reminiscent of white clouds drifting on a serene lake.

The dining table's smooth edges provide comfortable arm support, eschewing the traditional thick, carved American-style legs for a sleek, modern design that seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic. The fireplace wall, serving as the focal point, extends the aqua blue theme, showcasing a fusion of American style and modern design.

In the master bedroom, adorned with the hostess's favorite dusty rose color, a feminine elegance permeates the atmosphere. Wooden shutters on the windows offer ventilation and privacy. The wardrobe doors are tastefully embellished with moldings, infusing a touch of freshness and classic charm. Bone china pendant lights and wall sconces on either side of the bed provide ambient and reading illumination, with the unique translucency of bone china accentuating their intricate lines.

This space is more than just a living area; it's an emotional sanctuary where every detail reflects the owners' love for and pursuit of life. The melody of life surrounds every poetic corner, and the passage of time here becomes gentle.

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