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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Skyward Serenity

Designed by

Chiu Jung Interior Design Co.






Team Members:

Skyward Serenity

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chiu Jung Interior Design Co.

Photo Credits:

Chiu Jung Interior Design Co.


Chiu Jung Interior Design Co.

Located on the 21st of a 27-story building, this residence boasts uninterrupted city views. Layout for this 132-square-meter interior features 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, and 2 bathrooms.

Drawing inspiration from the shape-shifting clouds and by means of material and lighting details, the design weaves a daily narrative of carefree, tranquil urban living. It is a cheerful blueprint envisioning future growth and needs of the household.

Upon entrance, the origami-styled ceiling, with recessed lighting, immediately attracts attention. Such visual impact and playfulness continues to the bespoke cloud-shape pendant light above the dining area. An overall grayscale palette contributes to a soothing ambiance, while earthy-hued furniture amplifies the expansive scale, adding both visual depth and sophistication.

Considering user behavior and experiences as pivotal in shaping the spatial atmosphere, the designer opts to eliminate unnecessary partitions, seamlessly connecting the living, dining, and kitchen into an open and integrated space. To address potential issues with cooking fumes, the open kitchen thoughtfully incorporates sliding doors that provide flexibility, allowing for a smooth transition between openness and enclosure.

'A sustainable & healthy lifestyle' remains the core of the design. Including paints and adhesives, the incorporation of eco-friendly building materials exceeds 90% overall. Low VOC boards and elements are used throughout, whilst extensive LED lightings enhance energy efficiency. The approach puts emphasis on texture and craftsmanship, ridding of excess embellishments. Meanwhile, the introduction of home-automation system, incorporating A/V, A/C, HRV, dehumidifier, lighting and curtains, delivers an advanced yet human-centric experience.

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