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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Hoyu Headquarters

Designed by

Szu-Wei Lee






Team Members:

The Hoyu Headquarters

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taipei city, Taiwan

Szu-Wei Lee

Shih-Yu Lin, Hung-Yi Tu

Photo Credits:

Kyleyu Photo Studio


LSW Architects

This project headquarters is located on the rooftop of a commercial building, which is a prominent city landmark featuring massive triangular pyramid glass curtain walls. In homage to the company's esteemed reputation in the automotive agency field, the overall interior design draws inspiration from the streamlined shapes of cars. Considering the energetic relationship between formless fluids and Chinese Bagua, and how they manifest in corresponding the tangible objects, elements embodying wind, dance movement, and dynamic flows have been incorporated into both the architecture and interior spaces, creating a contemporary ambiance.
Bagua is a Chinese Taoist cosmology system that explains the dynamic and static states of eight natural phenomena (including sky, lake, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain, and earth), and it includes eight trigrams, each consisting of three sets of broken or unbroken lines. To establish a unique and oriental context, the design concept draws from the linear composition of the Bagua trigrams, incorporating both broken and unbroken lines.
In the foyer leading to the conference hall, a triangular void in the travertine wall reflects the architectural features of the building's exterior. Interweaving in a continuous and rhythmic linear pattern, glass curtain walls and wooden slats are arranged alongside the windows to create an orderly sequence of light and shadows. Inside the conference hall, the ceiling features a matte titanium cladding, complementing the glossy marble flooring and imbuing the space with a serene ambiance like the still water. On the landscape side, it incorporates traditional Chinese garden planning and includes a water pond beside the building. The reflection of the building and vegetation in the water forms an oriental aesthetic status, fostering a natural harmony between the headquarters, oriental aesthetics, and environmental energy.

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