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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


The Urban Oasis

Designed by

WU HSIN-HUNG / Evermore International Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

The Urban Oasis

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

WU HSIN-HUNG / Evermore International Design Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Evermore International Design Co., Ltd.


Evermore International Design Co., Ltd.

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of environmental protection, leading to green design becoming a crucial aspect of architectural and spatial design. This specific project focuses on the concept of "returning to nature" as the primary design concentration, aiming to create a space that seamlessly connects with nature. As a result, the "urban oasis" design was created, offering functionalities such as rest, negotiation, meeting, and gathering. The project's style is a blend of modernism and low building coverage combined with high-density green design, providing city dwellers with a simple, natural resting place while also serving as a friendly venue for community activities.

The building’s exterior is made up of several white, irregular volumes, and the interior space follows the same irregular design approach to create a unique spatial pattern. The design draws inspiration from the concept of multicultural communities coexisting harmoniously and utilizes a non-traditional cutting method to define the layout. This method connects different sizes of functional areas to create spatial cohesion. Unlike traditional straight-line designs, the floor plan is free from standardization and the space is connected by a dazzling dynamic line. This creates a unique and unconventional spatial pattern, allowing visitors to feel as though they are strolling through a forest. The design offers a flexible, diversified, and interesting spatial experience.

The design of the building takes environmental concerns into consideration and aims to promote harmony with nature. It seeks to inspire people to be more aware of the environment by creating a connection between space and nature. To achieve this goal, the building has been set back from its surroundings and green belts have been created to provide ample open space and increase the overall green coverage.

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