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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category



Designed by

JheNai Design






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Macau, China

JheNai Design

Vicky (Nai Chieh Wong), Mei Kuan Wong, Mei Hang Sou, Cheng Fu Wong

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Vicky (Nai Chieh Wong)

The unit of this particular project is unique, the overall space is a fan shape, not like any usual units. So in the design, we pay more attention to the smoothness of the interior space lines, such as designing the ceiling molding, lighting, and cabinets in curved lines, and then from the details to create a comfortable, sophisticated atmosphere.

The floor of the entrance area is divided into curved shapes, echoing the elevated floor in the interior, which is a simple spatial division. The rotating TV and glass partitions in the middle of the room also allow the light to penetrate into the room, making the sense of visual permeability more transparent. Leading to the dining room, the dining table is paired with a booth seating and a model-display corner for the master of the house.

Coming into the master bedroom, a reading area is set up on the window sill, as the owners have the habit of reading. We also take advantage of the bookshelf as a space partition. The color scheme of the master bedroom is selected by the mistress's favorite color, blue, letting the space to have be more personal.

Walking into the cloakroom, the arch and LED-lighting was designed above, adding a sense of design and defining the separation of space. The overall color scheme of the bathroom adjacent to it is relatively simple to maintain a simple and clean feeling of the space.

The color of the son's room is light blue, the doorway is adjusted to make the closet space as large as possible, set up an L-shaped desk.

The daughter's room specially picked pink-purple color as the main scheme. By elevating the bed, the space below it allow a more open space for creativity, with cabinets designed for the daughter's art tools and future artwork.

The toilet, hand washing area and shower room is specially separated from each other, so that it is more flexible and convenient to use. The bathroom kept a neutral grey tone, so to adapt any other color schemes in every space.

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