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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


An Array of Serenity

Designed by

Lin Xie






Team Members:

An Array of Serenity

Residential Architecture


Lin Xie

Lin Xie

Photo Credits:



2023, StudioTiltedCircle

An Array of Serenity, the Yoga House, situated southwest of Kolka Cape, is nestled in a serene forest, drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape. Its design mimics the organic curves found in the forest's tree arrangement, reflecting the region's natural elements, including the coastline of the Gulf of Riga and Europe's longest waterfall, the Venta Waterfall. The structure pays homage to local history like the Baltic Way demonstration and Latvia's strong ties to nature through traditions like Midsummer Eve bonfires and nature-themed family names.

Crafted from local timber and cladding, the house's modular construction minimizes on-site work, reducing disturbance to the environment. On-site efforts focus mainly on facade, roof installation, and deck constructions, encouraging communal activities while maximizing the natural landscape experience. The low-impact footings allow for removal without lasting effects on the site.

The architectural design embodies a minimalist aesthetic, showcasing a pitched roof and intricate walls, creating a sense of depth and movement on the facade. Earthy tones and charred timber blend with sleek textures, harmonizing the structure with its surroundings. Inside, warm wood textures and subtle lighting foster a welcoming atmosphere, complemented by skylights that flood the interior with natural light and connect it to the sky.

This retreat in nature seamlessly merges interior and exterior spaces, offering a serene atmosphere. The design's sophistication and durable materials provide a refined yet personalized shelter within the tranquil landscape, offering residents a space for relaxation and retreat.

In essence, the Yoga House harmonizes modern architecture with natural elements, paying homage to the local environment, history, and culture while offering a serene, inviting refuge that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

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