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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Dance of Light

Designed by

Chia Hsun Chang






Team Members:

Dance of Light

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Chia Hsun Chang

Photo Credits:



C.C.H Architects

Adhering to an organic design ethos and the fundamental principle of form following function, the design places paramount importance on structural integrity and architectural beauty while embracing local influences. Emphasizing the building's form, we ensure it seamlessly aligns with internal functionalities and requirements. Given the L-shaped configuration of the building, our use of courtyard design coupled with grilles ingeniously creates an environment where residents, bathed in sunlight, feel as though they are amidst nature, akin to being within a bamboo grove, swaying gracefully with the wind and leaving behind a beautiful silhouette of life in the dance of light and shadow. Design ethos revolves around simplicity, optimizing spatial utilization while crafting a distinctive aesthetic within the confines of exposed beams and columns. Employing an aluminum grille and strategic balcony arrangements, we harness the full potential of facade design within limited conditions, sculpting a building exterior that seamlessly integrates beauty and functionality. To ensure the seamless integration of the building with the local environment, we carefully selected readily available indigenous materials. A prime example is our selection of washed terrazzo finish for the architectural walls, a material deeply rooted in traditional Taiwanese architecture often seen in houses and temples. This deliberate choice not only pays homage to heritage but also aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability and ease of upkeep. Moreover, washed terrazzo boasts inherent waterproof and durable qualities, perfectly suited to endure Hsinchu's windy and humid climate. Given the close proximity to neighboring structures, we strategically incorporated aluminum grilles into specific sections of the facade to provide privacy without compromising aesthetic cohesion. Additionally, we coated balcony surfaces with paint, ensuring effortless maintenance and enhancing their visual appeal.

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