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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Vive la Vie

Designed by

Wu-Su Interior Design






Team Members:

Vive la Vie

Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Wu-Su Interior Design

Chun-Yu Chang

Photo Credits:

Wu-Su Interior Design


Wu-Su Interior Design

The site is a 28-year-old apartment. The name of the project, "Vive la Vie", comes from the essence of the space and the comfort it provides to the clients. The concept is inspired by the client's interests and future lifestyle. The designer visualized the bakery image in the interior, using soft elements such as curves and macaron-like colors to shape the family's daily.
Warm brown covers the entire space. Following the soft lines into the social area, the ambiance of the entrance continues, while the living room and dining room look glamorous due to the refraction of light. The contrasting stylized TV wall has a distinctive style. This area has a variety of materials and surfaces to show different looks. Then, the wood grain outlines the arches as the boundary of the area. The light follows the curves and illuminates the corridor. The pure and flawless color palette blurs the social and private areas, while the curves define the order.

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