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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Chongshi Shiguang Grid

Designed by

Zhouling Decoration Design Co., Ltd






Team Members:

Chongshi Shiguang Grid

Commercial & Office Architecture

Chongqing, China

Zhouling Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Zhou Ling, Zeng Yuru

Photo Credits:

Wu Changle, 2023


Zhou Ling, 2023

At the beginning of the renovation design, we did not know who the users were, so we simulated the preferred spatial state for the future users. We provide a relatively backward spatial color based on the primary and secondary relationship of office commerce. In office commerce, the main focus is on users rather than developers who provide space. Therefore, we hope that users can integrate into the entire space, not only seeing the changes in renovation, but also feeling the historical charm of the old school.
The original structure consisted of four square structural plates, which destroyed the entire atrium structure of the space. And the main purpose of adding new morphological structures is to address this flaw. While solving the problem, it also adds a sense of beauty to the space and redefines the form of the space. So there are no unnecessary techniques or forms, they are all new changes that arise to solve problems.
Design needs new changes, but it must also preserve the original decorative floor materials of the building. However, the brick concrete structure of the building model prevents us from modifying the structural defects of the main building space. So in all line renovations, the wiring method is adopted from the lower space without damaging the original ground, maintaining the original state and meeting the customer's functional requirements.
The selection of new materials should be as close to the original ground materials as possible. Although it is a renovation, it is also a preservation. While updating, it is also necessary to maintain the original charm, preserve the memory of the school and the material, and only in this way can users resonate with the students.
So in terms of material selection, we adopted a relatively conservative approach, choosing materials that are as close to the original appearance as possible, such as cement hollow bricks.

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