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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Stream of Thinking

Designed by

Ya Jung Hsieh






Team Members:

Stream of Thinking

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Ya Jung Hsieh

Guan Liang Lin

Photo Credits:

Ya Jung Hsieh, 2022


Limo Design Co., Ltd., 2022

In the project, curves and arches are largely incorporated to blunt sharp edges and feeling of oppression. The overall color plan is a combination of white and wood with fine touches of green. Bracing colors and a dynamic interrelationship between natural and artificial sources of light contribute to a cozy ambiance for recreation. Entering, on the left-hand side, a curved divider cabinet indicates the way to the living room which first introduces a personal space defined by a hollow on the ceiling. Casting a soft light over its territory, the hollow design guarantees an individual latitude. Moving to the communal area, a wooden TV back wall that continues the cabinet contrasts with a clean-cut marble plate, with hidden lighting tracing alongside places emphasis on the linear dimensions of the space. Green chairs and crystalline floral shape pendant light enliven the simple white and wood visual appearance of the dining room. A change of hue and flooring identifies the kitchen, which is neatly laid out, expressing a classically modern style. Back to the seemingly white wall in between the living and dining area, a bedroom is cleverly concealed. The silvery-gray bedding bespeaks unobtrusive luxury, which harmonizes with the greige back wall and wooden planks of similar tones. The headboard surround shows a thematic consistency with the curves and arches in the apartment. At the side of the wardrobe accesses the bathroom. Neutral tones and slate are differently texturized. More than just a dark-light arrangement, the nuance in tonality spells out meticulous detail. Another room characterized by a wall-painted sage finds refreshment when rays of sunlight shine through the wooden lattice. Excluding partitions in the communal areas, using merely a streamlining cabinet with display dividers makes the space seem wider. Curves and waves of the ceiling combined with hidden lighting create a desirable alternative to an urban retreat.

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