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Arch Design Award

Standard Registration Deadline:

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The Arch Design Award highlights the most interesting, well-designed, innovative solutions in the disciplines of Architectural and Interior Design. This Award honors talented designers, helps to increase their recognition and boost their visibility.

a visual bridge
between inside
and outside.

The Arch has been
a symbol in architecture
all around the World:

Winners 2022

Xi'an Metro Line 5_1.jpg

Xi'an Metro Line 5

Designed by: Vantree Design / 
Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.

Winners' Kit
Arch Design Award

The Arch Prizes

Arch Design Award

Metal Arch Trophy: Brass / Stainless Steel / Copper
Arch Design Award
Winner Certificate
Arch Winner Logos and Banners
DAA Membership Program
Premium Marketing Package and Interview
Plant trees after every submission

The Arch Design Award Trophy
made by recycled metals:

brass, sta
inless steel, copper
 precision CNC milling technology.

Arch Design Award Trophy 24.JPG

The Arch Trophy

Award Categories

Design Category
Design Category

How to Apply


Get your
Registration Ticket(s)


Receive your
ARCH-ID(s) by E-Mail



your Design(s)



Don't Miss Out

15 October

2022, 24:00 GMT+2

01 December

2022, 24:00 GMT+2

01 February

2023, 24:00 GMT+2

Early Registration 

200 EUR / Design

Standard Registration

300 EUR / Design

Last Registration

500 EUR / Design *

01 May

2023, 24:00 GMT+2

01 June

2023, 12:00 GMT+2

Submission Deadline

Winners' Announcement

Late Registration

400 EUR / Design

2023, 24:00 GMT+2

01 April


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Dusk Portrait

Q: What is ARCH-ID and how can I get it?
A: ARCH-ID is a personal code, it helps to identify the Designers and the Submitted Designs. You will receive your ARCH-ID within 3 business days after you purchased a Registration Ticket.

Q: I have a Registration Ticket, can I submit my Design later?
A: Yes, of course! You will be allowed to submit your project at any time, before the final submission deadline: 01 May 2023, 24:00 GMT+2. Please note, the registration fees are constantly increasing during the different registration periods, we advise you to buy the Registration Ticket(s) at a discounted price in advance as you can upload your Design later.

Q: Are there any extra fees for the Winners to receive the Winners' Kit?

A: There are no hidden costs and expenses in Arch Design Award. The Early, Standard Late and Last Registration Tickets are included all costs. There are no extra fees to receive the Winners' Kit and benefits.



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