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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Greenville Gardens

Designed by

Darren Au Yeung






Team Members:

Greenville Gardens

Residential Architecture

Hong Kong

Darren Au Yeung

Roy Mui, Kate Ng

Photo Credits:

Anthony Hui, 2021


Darren Design & Associates

The whole unit is based on white tones and wood grain, and the details use exquisitely designed furniture and accessories. At the same time, the meticulous and complicated traditional French design is added to the axis of the modern minimalist white space concept, creating a low-key and elegant residence and a soft and comfortable feeling. The first thing that catches your eye is the lamps and lanterns placed in the dining room. The design of this project is centred on the natural wind and the casual sophistication feeling of the family. Considering the original vast wall space, we used concrete wall paint to create a characteristic wall, adding a unique urban atmosphere. The designer uses lighting and walls to make a sense of contrast with different materials, revealing a sense of style and casual luxury, creating a stylish home. The designer prefers to use a fresh and elegant design in the hall, with some natural potted plants as the focus of the whole house design. According to the preferences of family members, the designer planned bedrooms, child rooms and multi-purpose rooms. The master room has a set of toilets with blue characteristic brick walls, European-style lamps and lanterns, and neatly lined bath parts and plants. The child rooms reserve a large area for children to have fun and the wall uses characteristic natural elements and soft green that soothes the development of the eyeballs matching the dinosaurs in the forest. The kitchen is also dominated by white, with blue kitchen cabinets as embellishment, bringing out the artistic sense of the white brick wall and echoing the design of the bathroom.

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