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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

YU JEN TSAI / ZJ Interior Design






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

YU JEN TSAI / ZJ Interior Design

Photo Credits:

ZJ Interior Design


ZJ Interior Design

Accompanied by the warmth of wood, the simple and chic modern style builds up a charming scene for the home.
Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring natural lights into the house. The refraction and penetration of metal materials create glamorous effects.
The layout of the entire house is carefully reorganized. Transparent materials make the house looks more spacious and create a clear distinction between near and far spaces.
In the foyer, a 45-degree angle metal grille is embedded in the wooden cabinet, which brings harmony and balance of Feng Shui to the house and allows natural lights to spread at a soft, curved angle.
Marble with ink-splash pattern of landscape and the dazzling titanium plate add grandeur to the TV wall. The conflict between rigidity and softness accentuates the beauty. Under the glow, each material expresses its own characteristics to construct the texture of a luxurious but accessible scene.
Children's playroom is inspired by a glass house, taking safety into consideration. Glass lets in abundant lights and an unrestricted view. In order to maximize space utilization, the right angle of the corner is turned into a flat beveled surface connecting with a sliding door.
In the dining room, a design method pursuing penetration is adopted to offer flexibility. The reflection of the gray mirror below the bar creates a visual illusion and provides an extended depth of field. A deep navy-blue wall evokes a calm and serene dining atmosphere.
Along this corridor leading to the private area, there is a beam covered with wood veneer coming through the ceiling. Under the lights, a sense of fluidity is created to successfully transform weaknesses into strengths.
In the private area, massive wood elements are laid out coherently to the white headboard wall. The gray wood veneer underneath is a transitional area in the color scheme, softening the impact of the dark solid wood flooring.
Warm sunlight enters the room through the dimming curtain gently. The tranqui

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