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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

Chiung Hsu , Su / ZENDO DECO CO.






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Chiayi, Taiwan

Chiung Hsu , Su / ZENDO DECO CO.

Photo Credits:



Chiung Hsu , Su / ZENDO DECO CO.

Taking “colorful and sweet life” as the starting point, the design team presented the imagery that in the mother’s arms, the baby holds a colorful lollipop and smiles sweetly, which brings the happy and blissful time. The design team broke out of the traditional frame, perfectly combining the owners’ preferences, family relationship, and spaces. They used the arc-shaped line of lollipop to add variability, interest, and uniqueness to the interior, creating bright, warm, and happy ambience as well. Interpreting delight to the interior design, the team created a holiday home where a wonderful life started.

The 3,292 square-feet independent villa has four floors. On the wall beside the stair to second floor, the pattern of dancing ballerina not only makes people immerse in elegant atmosphere, creating fancy feelings, but also makes the mother accomplish her dream. In the master room, terrazzo texture is utilized for wall, wood for side table, shelves, desk and cabinet. The huge tree with spread branches symbolizes the inheritance of dreams.

On the third floor, how to turn the colorful lollipop into delight and fulfillment is the main consideration for designing kids’ rooms. In kids’ rooms, the balance between practical and adorable is created through the interior design, which brings fulfillment into mind and the interior, abstract and reality, form and imagery, and life and style.

For the interior with modern style, the team used macaron color scheme to create happy and blissful ambience, besides, the arc-shaped lines connected each floor and each area. Adding the beauty of nature and art by utilizing natural texture and veins of stones and woods, the team injected dynamic into the space, generating strong contrast between movement and stillness, and strength and gentleness. The team constructed imagery with artistic method that curve and vein intertwined, becoming a symbol of interior design style.

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