Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category


Designed by

Chen Rigeng






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Huizhou, China

Chen Rigeng

Photo Credits:

Chen Rigeng,2022


Chen Rigeng

This case is a top-floor duplex residence located in the downtown area of Jiangbei, Huizhou. With black, white and grey as the main tone, with dark red in part, the overall presenting a high-level contemporary and fashionable style. The large-scale horizontal opening of the building brings outdoor light and scenery into the interior. It has superior congenital conditions. The excellent river view on the top floor has become the best "facade" in the interior. On the interior interface, we try to keep it as simple and clean as possible. Retain the necessary basic shapes and materials, discard superfluous decoration, and leave the "focus" to the landscape.

The staircase was carefully crafted as a highlight of the design. The subtle combination of wood and steel breaks the bulky feeling of the original concrete stairs. At the same time, the second half uses steel plates as a matching material and an auxiliary pulling force, which has the richness of material vision and eliminates the possibility that the stairs may bring about under long-term use. relaxation and deformation concerns. The interspersed and stacked blocks make the structure of the space clearer and more powerful.