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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Agile Jiulu Yangshan B&B

Designed by

ENG Design






Team Members:

Agile Jiulu Yangshan B&B

Hotels & Resorts Architecture


ENG Design

Zhang Yaran

Photo Credits:

ENG Design,2022


ENG Design,2022

Explore the soul with which nature fits, find a quiet place, and slowly establish the continuity of life in the changing times. This is a parent-child theme homestay full of warmth and natural interest. In the design, the animal and plant elements in the mountain forest of Sanlang Town are extracted to create a natural, simple, warm and relaxed wooden house. With the goal of creating a free space in the mountain forest, the old wood, plants, animals and other elements are integrated into it.

The first floor is the main activity area, and the kitchen, dining room and living room are all located on the first floor. Facing nature, it is reasonable to borrow good nature. The sofa, dining table, display cabinet, decoration, carpet, etc. are all made of natural materials such as logs, terrazzo, ceramics, cotton and hemp, and a large number of blank processing techniques are used to create a natural and relaxed holiday atmosphere.

As the main rest area, the second floor, while satisfying the rest function, is also a major feature of the traditional residence, which is more peaceful and warmer than the hotel and more interesting than the conventional residence.

The design of the children's room reflects in all aspects the emphasis on the cultivation of children's interests and sports ability, the communication between families and children, the interaction between children, and the cultivation of children's habits. It is a child's space of educational type, and also a dream space. I hope that children can grow up happily in the process full of dreams.

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