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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Yuequan Yard

Designed by

Zhang Yaran






Team Members:

Yuequan Yard

Residential Architecture


Zhang Yaran

Zhang Yaran

Photo Credits:

ENG Design,2022


ENG Design,2022

Large sized social reception hall, opening the door is the face of entrepreneurs. The space outline uses large strokes, and the aura is calm and impressive. In addition to desks and leisure sofas, we also built a reading area for children, which is close to the outdoor landscape and sunken courtyard, avoiding the bugs that children can't sit at home when the weather is good. The sunken courtyard has chosen a location with superior lighting. When the weather is sunny, people will naturally want to sit here to bask in the sun. The environment is simple and fresh. The light and shadow mapping of large French windows forms an interesting picture with sharp contrast and integration.

As an open compound space, the living room, dining room and kitchen are full of profound perception of space changes. It is suitable for everyone to have dinner together and interact with each other, so that children can establish a close relationship with their elders from an early age. In the teahouse, whenever the father invites business friends to taste tea, the children can listen in the process of pouring tea, explore the mysteries of business in advance and learn the wisdom of life.

The master bedroom is designed as a deluxe suite, and the gradual transition enhances the sense of space ceremony. The grand view and small view reflect the owner's high appreciation ability and taste. Warm colors awaken a sense of peace and elegance in the heart. In the parent-child leisure area, children's friend gathering can be held here, and parents can also participate in the children's friend circle to witness their growth. Girls' room, low saturation color matching, or caramel, or warm white, or toffee, or coral orange, soft and brilliant. The desk and the seat are scattered, which is unique and interesting. Boys' room and car theme space reflect infinite vitality and exploration desire.

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