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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category




Designed by

Shang Ming Jerry Tseng






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Shang Ming Jerry Tseng

Photo Credits:

smt design


smt design

This project is next to a cultural park in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The garden and the residential building are pretty close, and the park delivers a natural rhythm to the building. The design team practices a simple and conceptual approach, setting black, white, and brown tones as the main color scheme so that the pure architectural appearance harmoniously blends with the environment and creates a fresh sensory experience.

Considering the uniqueness of the base itself and the intention to preserve the greenery, the designer outline the architectural perspectives from different angles. The exterior of the building is set in the same color scheme and besides, and the building material’s texture is composed of white stone bricks, black frames, wooden grilles, glass, etc. Along with other details such as arrangement and reorganization, it has added a sense of layering to make the building’s appearance consistently beautiful. In addition, various stores are set up on the first floor outside, offering users a convenient and colorful daily life.

Large glass window sills are installed on each floor to bring the outdoor landscape into the interior and reflect the sunlight and beautiful scenery through the glass. Therefore, gorgeous views such as sunrise and sunset can be captured and appreciated from the house, creating interaction and connection between the interior of the building and the natural landscape, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable living space.

With the building’s geographical advantages, the designer adopts a minimalist style and lines to create a modern architectural appearance. Therefore, it has become a landmark building next to the cultural park. Next to a park with a parent-child playfield, the building will attract adults to start their families and build a better future together.

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