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Living in Tranquil Seclusion

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Living in Tranquil Seclusion

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan


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LIN HUI HSUAN/INX Design Studio,2022

After finishing a long international flight and travel, an individual must hope to return to a place to relieve his exhausted body and soul. The entire space is set in blue, gray, and white tones, with warm wood as the area’s main focus, creating a comfortable and relaxing look through the delicate color arrangement. The placement of old furniture and items has brought many childhood memories into the space. The designer redesigning and transforming the look of vintage items has created a mix of retro and modern styles. This project is a half-baked new house located in the forest. Entering the house, one will be greeted by the scene of sunlight pouring into the shared living area through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The honeycomb shades have made the scenery outdoors accessible, bringing the beautiful view outdoors into the house and introducing the greenness indoors. Besides, it eliminates boundaries between the interior and exterior. The living room and dining room are set up in an open layout, and the two spaces are divided through color distinction. The grayscale tone is arranged in the main space of the living room, and a little burgundy color is used as an embellishment to create a restrained and calm expression with a touch of enthusiasm and tenderness. It extends to the restaurant and kitchen connected with brown, blue, and white tones, creating an image of blue sky and white clouds, echoing the natural landscape outdoor. Hanging above the dining table, the chandelier, like a bird spreading its wings and flying, conveys the idea of raising again at one’s life’s turning point. The staggered herringbone-shaped solid-wood floor continues to the study, with brown wood as the core texture, filled with a nostalgic and retro vibe. In the homeowner's favorite spot of the house, the vinyl record playing area, one can listen to classical music and comfortably enjoy the healing magic of music.