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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



City Yacht

Designed by

Wei Chiang Liao






Team Members:

City Yacht

Residential Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

Wei Chiang Liao

Photo Credits:

Wei Chiang Liao, 2022


Wei Chiang Liao, 2022

This project is a 330-square-meter residential interior design case. The interior space seems to be broad and spacious. However, due to the size of the family members being rather large, the designer has cleverly outlined a cabin-like shape in the living area, as if it carries and supports the daily lives of the entire family. Resourcefully, the designer harnessed the cutting method of the spiral golden ratio so that the layout of the interior is planned, and the simple and neat moving line is designed through the accurate distribution of the living space. Upon stepping into the open dining room, one will experience the roaming of the oceans through the shared living space interlaced with gray, white, and blue tones. The arc-shaped white ceiling panels are joined with metal lines, constantly conveying and delineating the cabin’s appearance. On top of that, the designer places the sectional sofa in the center of the space and softens the dining room boundary line with the help of the low sofa's features. The shape of the lighting resembles the bottom of the boat, and it is hung above the dining table, expressing a fluttering scene of the ship and reiterating the theme of the space. Along the corridor, there are floor-to-ceiling windows with louvers, and their formation resembles a sideboard. As the occupant walks inside, the scenery outside the window changes as if they were genuinely in the cabin. The mirrored ceiling reflects the corridor, and the connected space is integrated into one to bring about visual extension and an intriguing sensory experience. The designer plans seventeen separate living spaces through perfect and accurate distribution. Furthermore, with the designer’s sharp demarcation of each dweller’s activity area in the house, the family can live a free and happy life.

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