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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category


Designed by







Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan



Photo Credits:




Away from the hustle and bustle, letting body and soul rest in the serenity of the space. A house designed particularly for vacation is decorated with natural materials, allowing the home of 60 years’ history to encapsulate the leisure vibe of a city garden. Through the plan, concise yet smooth flow, warm wooden colors, and an achromatic palette, the organic environment creates an atmosphere to relax the owner, who has always been busy working. Away from the tension, the Velvetleaf Soldier Bush announces the beginning of the vacation at the entrance. The open floor plan expands the spatial perception while the outside entrance is set back to divide the exterior and interior boundaries. Once entering the space, one can immediately see the vertical steel structure holding up the floating, long, wooden dining table. Arranged just in front of the entrance, on the side of the kitchen, the multifunctional table is the hub of the space. It offers the possibility of receiving guests as a bar, extending extend as a kitchen island, having a drink and relaxing, or even home. In addition, the black coating steel structure is equipped with embedded lights and plants on the top, setting off the area with richness and vitality. On the other hand, the floating design technique provides a spacious feeling, making the solid wood visually lighter in weight. Making a turn from the kitchen, the staircases beside are composed of one part floating and another portion with solid wood partition to form a contrast of the void and the entity. The space below the staircases is arranged to store, display, and puta a refrigerator and electric appliances, improving space utilization and providing a bigger room for kitchen activities. The mounted cabinet and aquatic glass panels serve to partition and maintain the sleekness while introducing sunlight through the French window at the back balcony. They were going up the stairs to the loftecret place for the owner to store model train collections.

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