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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

The Philosophy of Cherishing

Designed by







Team Members:

The Philosophy of Cherishing

Residential Architecture

Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Photo Credits:

Yi Wei Design Ltd., 2022


Yi Wei Design Ltd., 2022

This project is located in Kaohsiung, where the weather is sunny in all seasons. The four-story house includes the living room, main bedroom, and study room. The space planning not only meets the client’s personal life needs but also develops a warm and interactive space where families can interact. The exterior of the building is decorated with wood grain grilles, which not only preserves the privacy of indoor occupants but also allows light to enter the home arbitrarily. The colorful outdoor plants balance the coldness of the stone, bringing just-on-spot beautification and adjustment to the residence. The circular holes on the exterior wall deliver the free flow of the heaven and earth scenery between the buildings, creating a sense of penetration. Stepping into the double garage at the rear of the first floor, one will find it combined with the view of the patio and bamboo forest, providing the owner with a resting space when returning home. In addition to improving the convenience of the elderly’s living functions in the Japanese-style elder's room, the designer also retains the need for a barrier-free living space. The setting of windowsills introduces the scenery indoors and indirectly encourages the elderly to go outdoors and feel the fragrance of green grass and nature’s vitality. Moreover, wood material is arranged as the central focus of the Japanese room. The subjective feeling of simplicity, comfort, and warm companionship is added by wood laying. Upstairs, murals are combined with gray sofas through the Chinese-style-inked gray walls to create a quiet and grand look—a spacious space for the host to rest or entertain guests. To define the field, storage cabinets separate the dining room and living room, and artistic lamps are installed on the ceiling to elaborate the indoor texture and atmosphere. The patio design increases outdoor lighting in the shared living area. When the light falls from above, it instantly increases the dynamic beauty in the space.

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