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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



A Passing of the Torch

Designed by

Che Tsung Chang






Team Members:

A Passing of the Torch

Residential Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

Che Tsung Chang

Photo Credits:

Che Tsung Chang, 2022


Che Tsung Chang, 2022

The landscape, human societies, and our lifestyles change as time goes by. Nevertheless, individuals would always dream of a place to keep, restore, recall and reminisce those memories from the good old days. In the design planning process of the renovation of his old house, the designer has never wanted to pursue novelty but the beauty of time. To elaborate, the designer has put much emphasis on the sense of collision between time and space, and the theme of this home is mainly concentrated on the preservation and expression of the "sense of time.” Furthermore, the special treatment of the material’s surface is unique, and the techniques are refined so rich in contexts - old does not mean unattractive. The designer’s unique techniques and resourcefulness have helped him develop a home that is not too far from his grassroots. Nevertheless, the nick of time and nostalgic aesthetics deliver the richness of his sentiment and stories, reflecting the living space's temperature and depth. The residence’s temperature, depth, and look are gorgeously conveyed through the spatial configuration of nostalgia and time perception. Freshly did he remember, there are local deity temples and old trees near the two places the designer remembers living. Over time, most of the countryside has become urbanized, the environment is becoming plainer and plainer, and the local style is no longer appreciated. The local deity temple and the century-old trees are the arbitrary doors that link his beautiful memories, and thus the time tunnel initiates. The essence of living is to find a haven, and to find a haven; one needs to have peace of mind. The designer is quite concerned about the peace of mind of his parents.

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