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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Imagery of the Wind

Designed by

Hsieh Wen Tong






Team Members:

Imagery of the Wind

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

Hsieh Wen Tong

Liu Kang Cheng, Huang Yung Chi, Chen Cheng Tsung, Pai Jui Liang

Photo Credits:

Truedreams Construction CO., LTD, 2022


T.E&C Architects & Associates, 2022

This architectural project is a factory where the client research, develops, and manufactures motorcycle-related parts. Since most motorcycle parts are metal-processed products, the design team chose metal as the primary material for the grille. The gradient grille configuration on the facade of the building, combined with the different angles of daylight and viewing, gives it a changing effect of light and shadow, reflecting the sense of speed generated by the motorcycle driving process. Amazingly, the design team has created a neat, refined architectural style that embodies the product’s image. The front side of the building is equipped with a silver metal grille, creating a visual effect with sharpness and technology and using a sometimes sparse and sometimes dense configuration to create a light texture, forming the product’s image. The designer also uses concrete as the primary building material, and its thick texture reveals a rock-solid corporate image. Through the careful planning of the design team, the mechanical parametric design effectively calculates each grille's angle and size ratio. It demonstrates the building-related fire regulations to create a mobile and rotating grille design. The design team took great care to revise and develop the formwork plan for this project so that the design could be accurately expressed. For this project, the design team uses metal and raw concrete materials. Using simple materials and unique structural techniques not only cleverly transforms the product imagery into the design of the building façade but also provides a different visual experience of the building façade from different angles, which can be considered unique. The front facade of the building is arranged with gradual grilles to embody the image of wind.

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