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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Director's Mansion

Designed by

SU CHIUNG-HSU / Zendo Interior Design






Team Members:

Director's Mansion

Residential Architecture

Taiwan/ Taichung

SU CHIUNG-HSU / Zendo Interior Design


Photo Credits:

A Hua Liu


SU CHIUNG-HSU , zendo, 2022.

Design Statement:
Through design, we redefine the shape and nature of "luxury" and convey a deep dialogue between "reason" and "dream".

This project is just one of the homeowner's residences in northern, central, and southern Taiwan. The design team utilized the "clubhouse" concept to design the 66-ping (218m2) interior space, allowing the homeowner and his family to immerse themselves in a "vacation vibe" every time they return home. The guest and dining rooms are open plan, and connect to the overhanging bar counter, kitchen area, and windowsill area. The overall color palette is dominated by white and natural light, complemented by a thorough layout, and attempts to convey a harmonious reality through the perfect overlap of material mediums. The reflective properties of the dining room mirror and titanized metal effectively amplify, extend, and broaden the visual perception of spatial refinement and the five senses, attempting to achieve a spiritual balance of "luxury" through the form of adept design.

Idea: Green landscapes that restore a sense of nature
This project is located in Taichung, Taiwan, where park landscapes surround the building and became a constituent element of the materials used, the spatial flow, and the interior design.

The design team transcended the constraints of the layout and planned the blank interior into a layout featuring three-bedrooms, two living rooms, and two bathrooms. Natural stone is used for the main wall of the living room. Its special texture echoes the park environment around the building. The dining room features an open plan design, with a continuous ceiling and a reverse U-shaped door arch on the façade, defining their distinct attributes. The windowsill platform is also the best viewing area and enhances the living quality of the space.

The restaurant and the kitchen room link up the inextricable pleasures of life. Combined with the overhanging bar design and vintage tile flooring, the design facilitates the interac

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