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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

Jason Lie






Team Members:


Commercial & Office Architecture

Hong Kong

Jason Lie

Photo Credits:

Steven Ko,2022


Jason Lie, 2022

The all-white design combines with minimalism, which improves the office experience of the staff and makes the design stylish and clean, the designer planned the office layout and structure, and optimized the elements of each component.

The multifunctional island in the open office is a central point where staff can come together and it separate the working and meeting area, the island is also used to store different materials sample so staff can be easy to access from both sides.

There is a folding door for separating the working area and the meeting area, which can be opened and closed under different situations -the door can be closed while meeting, and the door can be opened to merge the two areas to become a huge space for day-to-day use. Flexible meeting room allow for focused work and team collaboration.

The large-area glass window is facing the meeting and working area which provide a large amount of natural light for the office environment and provide a broad field of vision for the office staff, bringing a better working experience.
In terms of artificial lighting, the office uses minimalist modern row lights and chandelier to extend the level of space and effectively solve the light demand.

The all-white environment created by using vary finishes and materials, such as neutral marble, white pattern wallpaper and steel, with special selected artistic furniture, all make this design a timeless elegance yet understated.

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